Arras 18th Century Blue and White Porcelain Plate

Arras 18th Century Blue and White Porcelain Plate


Underglaze blue molded soft paste porcelain plate manufactured by the Arras factory, c. 1775 - 1790.


Dimensions: Approximately 9” diameter.



The molded border is decorated with blue floral sprays.


The center is decorated with a large blue floral design.


The reverse is undecorated and bears the painted “AR” mark of the Arras factory.


Examples can be found on the Victoria & Albert Museum website.


The Arras porcelain factory was founded in 1770 by Joseph François Boussomaert under the protection of M. de Calonne, the governor of Flanders and Artois.


According to Edgar Vigario in his paper "French Soft-Paste Porcelain During the 17th and 18th Centuries", the factory was established specifically to compete with the blue and white porcelain being produced at Tournai. Accordingly, the Arras factory only produced soft paste porcelain painted in the style of Tournai . The factory closed in 1790.


Because the Tournai factory remained in operation until the mid-19th century, Arras examples are much more scarce.


Condition: Surface wear, chips under reverse of rim; otherwise in excellent condition consistent with age and usage.