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19th C. Bowl in Dragon-in-Compartments Pattern

19th C. Bowl in Dragon-in-Compartments Pattern


English porcelain bowl in Dragon-in-Compartments, Bengal Tyger, or Kylin pattern, circa 1800-1810.


Dimensions: Approximately 6” diameter and 3⅛” tall.


The rim is edged in gold and has an undulating green border interspersed with red Chinese style stylized butterflies.


The exterior of the molded body is decorated with alternating shaped panels of fantastic animals and vases on tables in vibrant colors and gilding.


The interior has a diaper border with cartouches and a central floret.


The base has a saw-tooth band in green and red that is bordered with a thin gold line.


The bottom is unmarked.


This pattern has been given a number of names by collectors, but Dragon-in-Compartments seems to be the most common. In was used by Chamberlain Worcester, Coalport, and other English manufacturers.


This version of the pattern is the same as that of the Chamberlain Worcester example on the Victoria & Albert Museum website:


Condition: Repaired hairline side to center, otherwise in excellent condition consistent with age and usage.

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