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Chinese Export Grisaille Creamer – “Venus and Cupid”

Chinese Export Grisaille Creamer – “Venus and Cupid”


Chinese export porcelain sparrow beak creamer, circa 1750.


Dimensions: Approximately 4” tall.



The creamer is decorated with a Baroque border in a style referred to as “Du Paquier” or “Laub-und-bandelwerk”, from which hangs a garland of flowers with green petals.


The body is decorated with flesh tone highlights with the image of the goddess Venus sitting amongst the clouds, with cupid at her side and a wreath in her hand.


The source for the figure is a series of engravings by of the gods of Olympus by Claude Audran III symbolizing the months of the year. According to many sources Audran’s Venus was intended to symbolize April.


A teapot stand of this design is illustrated in Hervouet and Bruneau, “La Porcelaine Des Compagnies Des Indies A Décor Occidental” at page 296, item 13.17.


The term “grisaille” derives from the French word gris (gray) and, in art, refers to painting executed in monochromatic tones of gray and white.


Regarding Chinese export porcelain, the term “grisaille”, and the similar terms “en grisaille” and “encre de Chine”, refer to designs drawn primarily in black, similar to a drawing in ink. These designs may also be found enhanced by the addition of gold or polychrome enamels.


Because many examples were decorated with religious imagery, the technique has also been called “Jesuit Ware” regardless of the design.


Condition: Minor roughness at the spout and base; otherwise in excellent condition consistent with age and usage. Please examine the photos; they are part of the description.


Please note, I do NOT issue partial refunds. If you believe that my description is not accurate, I will refund your purchase price upon receipt of the item in the same condition as it was sent under the terms of the return policy in this listing.


I also do not ship to post office boxes.

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