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Chinese Export Meissen Style Cup and Saucer

Chinese Export Meissen Style Cup and Saucer


Chinese export porcelain cup and saucer, circa 1740


Dimensions: Saucer approximately 4½” diameter.
                        Cup approximately 2
” diameter (excluding handle) x 2” high.



The rim of the saucer is decorated with a gilt vine highlighted with red.


The center is decorated with a scene three men in European costume in the foreground. In the background are other individuals at a dock, the masts of ships, and distant scenery.


All are within a gilt cartouche. In each corner of the cartouche is an image of an individual.

The reverse is decorated with three thin red bands.


The base bears an old label of The Art Exchange and apocryphal underglaze blue and gold Meissen marks.


The inner rim of the cup is decorated with the same gilt and red vine as the saucer.


Each side of the cup decorated with scenes similar to those of the saucer.


The handle is decorated with gilt and red designs similar to the vine of the rim.


The base of the cup has the same apocryphal Meissen marks.


Chinese export porcelain in the Meissen style is discussed (in French) in Hervouet and Bruneau, “La Porcelaine Des Compagnies des Indies A Décor Occidental” at page 342.


According to the authors, the subjects typically are "scenes on the shore", done in the manner of Herold, Heintze and Hauer, i.e., river landscapes with small figures. The buildings are often fortified and are frequently surmounted by bulbs and crosses.


Examples are discussed and illustrated in Howard and Ayres, “China for the West”, Vol. 2, pp. 521 - 523, among other references.


Condition: In excellent condition consistent with age and usage.

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