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“Chinese Phoenix” Transferware Plate

“Chinese Phoenix” Transferware Plate


Staffordshire transferware plate by Enoch Wood & Sons, circa 1825.


Dimensions: Approximately 7⅞” diameter.



The edge design is printed in a gadroon pattern.


The rim is decorated in a floral pattern that flows into the center.


The center scene is of a gazebo with a platform to its left and stairs leading off from the platform.


Three figures in oriental dress are standing on the platform, one holding a large parasol.


A young person or child is walking down the stairs away from the platform.


Incorporated into the design are a pair of mythological Chinese phoenix birds or feng huang. The Chinese version of the phoenix has the head of a pheasant, the beak of a swallow, a long neck, multi-colored legs, and the tail of a peacock.


One appears to be on a branch over the three figures on the platform while the appears to be on the ground.


The reverse has an impressed “Wood” mark and a painted workman’s mark.


Condition: In excellent condition consistent with age and usage. Please examine the photos; they are part of the description.

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