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English Delftware “Woolsack” Plate

English Delftware “Woolsack” Plate


English tin glazed pottery plate, c. 1750. Similarly decorated plates have been attributed to Bristol manufacture.


Dimensions: Approximately 11½” diameter.



The front is covered with powdered manganese giving a purple color.


There is a central panel decorated with flowers sprays and an insect within a stylized “sack”, giving the pattern its name.


The rim is decorated with four tassels and four panels or cartouches and of flowers.


The reverse is decorated with blue markings and bears old labels.

The purple color was achieved by blowing powdered manganese through a straw before firing. Areas were blocked out for later decoration.


Examples of "Woolsack" plates are illustrated and discussed in Britton, “English Delft in the Bristol Collection”, at pp. 240-241, figs 15.12-15.17.


Similarly, dated examples of this style are illustrated in Lipski and Archer "Dated English Delftware" at p. 130, figs 577-579B.


Condition: There are glaze fleabites and frits typical of antique tin-glazed earthenware. Otherwise in excellent condition consistent with age and usage.

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