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"Erie Canal Inscription" Transferware Plate

"Erie Canal Inscription" Transferware Plate


Staffordshire transferware plate by Enoch Wood & Sons, circa 1825.


Dimensions: Approximately 6½”.



The border is decorated with images of canal boats and canal locks separated by cartouches of flowers.


The center is bordered with a wreath of leaves and bears an inscription praising the completion of the Erie Canal and ending with a dedication to “DeWitt Clinton, Governor of The State”.


The reverse bears the impressed number “5” and a painted workman’s mark.

This pattern has also been called the “DeWitt Clinton, Governor Eulogy” pattern.


The association of Governor Clinton and the Erie Canal is due to Clinton's efforts during his term as Governor of New York State for the construction of this ambitious project, which was completed in 1824.


Clinton died in 1828, and later examples of this pattern end the inscription with a dedication to “DeWitt Clinton, the Late Governor of the State”.


Although unmarked, pieces of this design have been found bearing Enoch Wood’s mark.



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Condition: There is wear to the edge of the cavetto and some staining to the reverse; otherwise in excellent condition consistent with age and usage. Please examine the photos; they are part of the description.

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