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"Marine Hospital" Transferware Plate

"Marine Hospital" Transferware Plate


Staffordshire transferware plate by Enoch Wood and Sons, circa 1825


Dimensions: Approximately 9⅛” diameter.



The border is decorated in Wood’s shell border pattern. This version is referred to as the “Irregular” or “Grotto-shaped” center” version because of the way in which the border frames the central scene.


The central scene is of the hospital building in the background and a fenced field and two individuals in the foreground.


Beneath the scene are the words “Marine Hospital Louisville Kentucky”.


The reverse is marked with an impressed Enoch Wood mark. There appears to be a barely legible impressed mark “II” near it. In addition, there appears to be a blue printed workman’s mark in the shape of a “Y”.


Believed to have been built in 1823, the hospital was erected by the government to care for sailors who became ill while working on the Ohio and Mississippi rivers. The structure has been demolished and its site unknown today.



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Condition: Tiny glaze flaws in border, minor staining on face, staining on reverse; otherwise in excellent condition consistent with age and usage. Please examine the photos; they are part of the description.

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