Very Large Mason Style Ironstone Centerpiece

Very Large Mason Style Ironstone Centerpiece


Unmarked large vibrantly colored centerpiece in the style of Mason’s Ironstone wares.


The manufacturing date is uncertain because of the absence of marks. The finish indicates late19th to early 20th century manufacture. The absence of the mark “England” or “Made in England” makes it likely that the piece was manufactured prior to 1891.


Dimensions: Approximately 11” tall x 14” long x 8½” wide.

Originally molded in two parts, base and bowl, they were joined at manufacture. The decoratively pierced bowl is boat shaped, and the base is oblong to match. The colors are an imari, or “Japan”, palette of iron red, gilt, and blue. The design elements are vaguely oriental.


Condition: Wobble at base due to original manufacture, otherwise in excellent condition consistent with age and usage.