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"Pagoda Park" Staffordshire Transferware Platter

"Pagoda Park" Staffordshire Transferware Platter


Transferware platter by unknown maker with reticulated border, circa 1820.


Dimensions: Approximately 10” x 7”.



The border is decorated with images of Chinese individuals and landscapes.


The central image is of pagodas and other oriental buildings; individuals, including one with a horse; a river; and background landscape.


The reverse bears a printed workman’s mark and contemporary letters in indelible ink.


The pattern is also called “Bear up a Pole” because of the column behind the pagodas on the right.


Although existing examples of this pattern are unmarked, a platter was reported with an impressed Wedgwood mark. It is possible that an unknown maker applied the transfer to a Wedgwood blank.


Condition: In excellent condition consistent with age and usage.

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