Two Miniature 19th C. Staffordshire Transferware Platters

Two Miniature 19th C. Staffordshire Transferware Platters


Blue and white transferware platters, patterns “Dromedary” and “Russian Palace”, circa 1820.


Dimensions: Dromedary approximately 7” x 5¼”.
                        Russian Palace approximately 7
½” x 5½”.


Dromedary: The floral border consists of alternating groups of flowers and leaves on a stippled background with a small outer border of geometric design. The border on this pattern is the same as used by John Rogers & Sons in its Elephant pattern.


The central scene is of a man in English attire with a spear or prod leading a camel by a halter.

The source print has been identified as “Arabian Camel” by Julius Caesar Ibbetson that is dated to 1805. However, in the print the man is Arab attire. Pountney & Allies also used this source print for its version of a Camel pattern.


The reverse bears a label identifying the pattern.


Russian Palace: The floral border consists of alternating groups of flowers and leaves.

The central scene is of a large building on a river with a couple standing on a bridge under a willow tree, two fishermen in a boat, and deer in the foreground.


The name of the pattern likely is a misnomer, as the building is a Russian orthodox church of traditional architecture. While no source print has been found, the church bears some resemblance to the Church of St. Dmitry on the Blood in the kremlin of Uglich, on the Volga River between Moscow and St. Petersburg.


The reverse is marked with a impressed number “2” and bears the label of a dealer, John Leslie.



The Dictionary of Blue and White Printed Pottery 1780-1880 Vol. I” by Coysh and Henrywood.


Condition: Dromedary pattern has a rim hairline; otherwise, both are in excellent condition consistent with age and usage.

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